Week on the Farm: 5/8/16

Exciting news this week was the unexpected delivery of two new kids! Our resident Goat Girl had given up on the presumed gestation since Yoshi was six weeks overdue, but surprise surprise! The kids are on the cute side, both black & white. The yin & yang of The Farm.

Yet another surprise unfurled when Farmboy came home one evening driving a freaking SUPER DUMP TRUCK full of excellent quality topsoil. About 22 cubic yards worth. Most of this will be used to fill our forthcoming raised beds and to be worked into the garden over time.

Continued prep & planting of the Berry Patch, we now have several varieties of raspberries, blueberries, and more in the ground. Strawberry beds are complete, Farmboy did another beautiful job there.

First planting of the Potato Tire Towers is done. This is a popular method for growing potatoes by plopping another tire on and filling with soil or hay as the plant grows. We’ve been engaged in the debate over the safety of growing produce in old tires, and the consensus says the tires are essentially inert and do not emit any toxins into the soil. At least not for decades to come, so I’d rather put them to use instead of dumping them in the landfill. There’s a lot of tire gardening info over at the Rural Revolution blog.

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