Week on the Farm: 6/5/16

Just another week on The Farm, staying busy sowing & transplanting during our spare time. Farmboy had to work off-farm all week, such is the reality of homesteading and trying to live off the land. The Garden is coming along okay, but there’s just never enough time and we’re running a bit behind. Really, everything should be sowed & planted by now and it’s just not. Planning & organization are crucial for a successful farm but there’s that time-vortex thing going on here all the time and everything just takes longer.

We spent most of the weekend working on the drip irrigation system. Since I’m picky about who I do business with and couldn’t find what we needed locally, I ended up purchasing most of the irrigation gear from Dripworks online. I’m no expert at setting up an irrigation plan and found their site extremely helpful with complete irrigation kits and downloadable garden diagrams. I don’t have an exact square footage of our garden, but we’ll be irrigating sixteen 20-foot rows, five mini-rows of different lengths, eight 4×4′ raised beds, the tire garden, two 10-foot strawberry beds, and nine berry bushes. With all that our cost for irrigation (so far) is around $250. Yeah, it’s a lot of money, but the alternatives of running sprinklers & hoses are just far too time-consuming and waste water. It’ll pay off in the long run.

We have a lot of critters living here with us: the goats, an assortment of chickens & ducks, some bunnies, two beautiful horses, and several badass cats. The cattle are down in a neighboring pasture for now. Our first new calf arrived about two weeks ago and there’s more on the way.

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