Week on the Farm: 6/12/16

Lots of exciting developments on The Farm this past week! With 80 acres to play with, there’s seldom a dull moment other than the ones that are forced for sanity reasons. Just so much to do, always.

Farmboy came home with an excavator for the weekend, making quick work of tasks that would have taken many hours or even days with the tractor. There’s a huge open meadow along the western side of the property which, in decades past, was a working hay field. Over the years it became neglected and as nature takes its course, trees sprouted up here & there. Lots of them. Farmboy plucked them out one by one, some were brittle and easily pulled but others were real bastards. Now our beautiful meadow looks like a war zone full of craters and scattered debris. Good job, Farmboy.

The Farm, from up there

I had been waiting for weeks to get some straw into the garden for mulching and finally the day came. Carter Country Farm & Feed in Sandpoint had their big half-price sale so we made two trips with the green truck hauling back 20 bales. FYI, Carter’s has the best prices & selection on cat food and their friendly service makes this the sort of local business you want to support. Please do so.

Between the thick layer of straw and the brand new drip irrigation system, I hope weeds are greatly diminished. I could let them grow unchecked, but I just think there’s nothing uglier. “There sure are a lot of weeds” is not what I want to hear when we have visitors in the Garden. The irrigation is tested and working, but I need to order some more drip tape and emitters. More on that in next week’s post.

We were invited to tour the beautiful Four Seasons Farm along the Priest River. More on that here.

As if the Farm itself doesn’t keep us busy enough, we have “fun” projects like working on cars & stuff. Farmboy got the engine pulled out of the van so we’re now ready to hunt around for a replacement. It’s a 1967 Ford Econoline SuperVan and it’s beyond cute.

In other new, Farm Boss is starting up a new venture. The Sagle Swap Meet’s grand opening is next weekend, June 17-19 and will be located in the empty lot beside Fry Creek Animal Clinic on Highway 95 just south of Bottle Bay Road, south of the Long Bridge. Looks for signs. For more information about becoming a vendor, contact Steve Johnson at 255-8055. We’ll be manning a produce booth there this weekend, along with homemade jerky and SoapWorks homemade soaps.

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