Week on the Farm: 6/19/16

This week’s main ordeal was a freeze warning for the night of June 15. Let’s repeat that – we got a FREEZE WARNING on June 15. It had been a long, long work day and had to scrounge up some materials to cover some of the more delicate plants. We threw plastic sheeting over the tomato beds and the cucumbers, the potato tires, and two rows of newly transplanted squash plants. I decided to risk it with the other rows of squash, pretty much in denial over the possibility that it could actually get that cold on June 15.

It did. A whole row of zucchini were damaged, along with a few watermelon and butternut squash plants. Fortunately everything that was covered survived just fine. It wasn’t that devastating because I’ve still been nurturing a variety of starter plants in the greenhouse “just in case”. Next year I’m going to keep a few backups of everything in the greenhouse until things are really established.

This weekend was the grand opening of the Sagle Swap Meet, which is being facilitated by Farm Boss. It was a slow start, as expected, but by the third day we already had several more vendors and interest is quickly spreading through word of mouth. If you’re after fresh produce grown right here in Sagle, gourmet jerky, and beautiful homemade soap stop by and check out our booth. We plan on vending there 1-2 days a week throughout the season.

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