Week on the Farm: 6/26/16

We got more belated spring rains this week. Rain is always welcome on The Farm, even after putting in a third order for irrigation supplies. In an earlier post I estimated our cost of the whole irrigation setup to be around $250, but I guess I was joking because I think it’s exceeded $300 now. I’ve been extremely happy with Dripworks.com, for both their selection and prices. I checked out all the local suppliers with limited success: Country Co-op has a very small selection but is ok for emergency odds & ends, Home Depot is on my no-list, and so is North 40 for the most part. So I took my business online for this Farm project.

A new batch of baby chicks hatched! Cute. The hen is black, but the brood is a medley of whites, browns, and blacks as seen in one of the gallery images below.

We were at the Sagle Swap Meet again over the weekend and things are really picking up. It almost looked like a real swap meet on Saturday! We plan on being there every weekend and will probably stock fresh garden goodies on Sunday mornings. Stop by our booth for homemade gourmet jerky & pemmican, fancy soaps, and other handmade craft items. The jerky was a big hit with male clientele and we plan on making more batches this week, so come on back.

Our washing & packing station now exists, thanks to Farmboy. He did an awesome job, as always, using reclaimed materials laying about The Farm. Scrap metal roofing, old boards, an old bathroom counter, and a kitchen sink from who knows where.

Let us repeat the mantra: There is everything on The Farm. If you look hard enough you will find it.

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