Week on the Farm: 7/3/16

This past week was a nonstop whirlwind. Most exciting was making our first appearance at the Sandpoint Farmer’s Market on Wednesday and then again on Saturday. Despite the enormous stress of figuring out the routine and getting to market on time, we had FUN. Really! This being our first year growing & selling commercially, we are starting very small and working our way up so a million thanks to everyone who visited our booth and supported The Farm with your purchase. We can’t wait until our main crops are ready so we can bring that much more to market. Check out our Garden page to see what’s growing this summer.

I picked raspberries at a friend’s house the evening before each market because ours aren’t in yet and may not even produce this year. They didn’t even last 30 minutes on both market days! We’ll try our best to get more and keep them stocked.

Farm Sis’s jerky has been a great success! We almost sold out our entire stock this past weekend, so the dehydrator & brand new smoker will be busy doing their thing all next week. Our jerky is homemade in small batches using either cattle raised here on The Farm or purchased from Woods Meats, located just north of Sandpoint. Sis makes a variety of gourmet flavors, like Honey Mustard, spicy Habanero, Chili, and Peppered Brandy. Find it at the Johnson Family Farm booth Saturdays at the Sandpoint Market and Friday-Sunday at the new Sagle Swap Meet.

Haying season has begun, so Farm Boss has been busy out in the fields with the swather and baler this past week. We have 55 lb. hay bales for sale – no sprays or commercial fertilizers are used on the grass. Use our contact form for any inquiries to The Farm.

Thank you, Sandpoint, for an awesome week.

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