Week on the Farm: 7/10/16

Not the greatest week here on The Farm. The weather has continued on the same hot/cold/hot/cold path for several weeks, along with bursts of cold heavy rains, and the plants ain’t lovin’ it! Most everything is pretty sluggish. Except the weeds, of course. Our experiment of mulching the entire garden with straw has been vetoed, as it has only worsened the weed problem and brought in a new crop of grass, so we’re pulling it all out until the end of season when we’ll use it as a ground cover for the winter.

We made another appearance at the Saturday Farmer’s Market and had a lovely time. It’s interesting to see who has what growing and where their farms are located. It also creates what I call Farm Envy. I know it takes a good three years of cultivating the land to really start getting good results & yields from your crops. But, impatience persists.

As someone at the Market said to me, “we need more farmers” and that’s exactly why we’re trying to get this small farm going.

We sure do appreciate everyone who’s visited & purchased from our booth. Every dollar is going right back into The Farm because we have so much more to do and sometimes the workload seems endless, but that’s just the way it is. And yes, we like it like that!

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