Week on the Farm: 7/17/16

It’s been a slow, somewhat unfruitful week on The Farm as other issues took precedence over farm & garden projects. Sometimes I just lose the spirit and have to take a day off from the neverending chores, for sanity’s sake. I read a quote today, not about farming, but along the lines of “There is no finish line” and that certainly applies to The Farm and homesteading in general. I figure if there’s no end in sight to the work that needs to be done, then it really doesn’t matter if you escape for a day or two.

We attended the Saturday Market again and were excited to have our booth in a new location so we could meet new vendors and check out their stock & presentation. As relative newcomers to market gardening, we’re 100% open to seeing what other farmers are doing so we can find out what works and what doesn’t – with regards to how our booth looks, how to transport & present our products, what sells and what doesn’t (and why!), how to price our inventory competitively and/or inline with other vendors, etc etc etc.

I think we’re doing okay as first-year growers, but I’m already envisioning plans and improvements that will take place as time & funds allow.

Happy farming, y’all.

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