Week on the Farm: 7/24/16

We decided to skip the Saturday market this week (yesterday) and I think that was a mistake! During my weekly inspection yesterday I discovered a bounty of garden goodies that just didn’t exist a few days ago, which is why I wanted to let the crops play catch-up this week. Suddenly we have a bunch of cucumber & squash, a new batch of radishes (that were mere babies just a week ago), more broccoli, and a buttload of rhubarb and shelling peas. We also have an excess of Swiss chard that Sis is growing for personal use, so I may bring some to market next weekend. The potato plants are going gangbusters but I haven’t uncovered any sizeable spuds yet.

Weeding was our main focus this week. The straw mess is mostly cleaned up and the berry patch/bee pen was just out of control so I spent two solid afternoons tackling that mess and added some soil amendments to the strawberry beds. The berry bushes haven’t seen substantial growth and almost no fruit production, so I need to do a bit of research to see what they need. The weeds in general are just horrendous and it’s going to take a few years of cultivating to really improve the problem.

Not much tomato & chile pepper activity, at least not in the garden. What we have gotten has been greenhouse-grown. They are not liking the fluctuating temps and cold heavy rains. Started several new flats of fall harvest crops that will be transplanted within a couple weeks. Going to try again for cauliflower – the early season plants never produced. We’re right around the halfway mark now for the season and have about two more months of growing time left.

Farmboy continues work on the future Johnson Family Farm produce delivery van as time & patience allows. The new motor is in and he’s getting the transmission back in place. The radiator needed work so that’s been in a repair shop in town and will be ready this week. Next on the list is acquiring a driver’s side window. Or should I say, acquiring one at an affordable price. Bringing a 50-year old vehicle back to life is neither quick nor economical, but it’ll be so worth it once done.

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