Week on the Farm: 7/31/16

With warmer days, our harvests have really been picking up lately and nothing could be more exciting to a grower. When I discovered that our potato plants had suddenly produced a ton o’ tubers, I was thrilled and exclaimed the find to a few other people, but got the same less-than-exuberant reaction.

I guess you have to be a grower to get excited about such things.

As shown in this week’s gallery, the Purple Viking potatoes are producing well. The purple & pink mottled skin is just beautiful, though so thin & delicate that even a gentle scrubbing peels it off to reveal the white flesh.

The Royalty Purple beans have also taken off and are rather abundant. I had several people at market ask if the color bleeds during cooking and the answer is yes. When these beans are boiled in water they pretty much turn into green beans. I prefer steaming my veggies, not just to retain nutrients but also to preserve the vibrant colors.

Cucumbers & squash are about to become prolific. I’m actually afraid of the Hubbards – it’s my first time growing them and I had no idea the vines can extend up to 50 feet. The squash patch is always a jungle, but this is ridiculous. If we like them well enough, next year the Hubbards will be banished to their own private section of The Farm so they can do their thing without obstruction.

Thanks again, Sandpoint, for having such a wonderful Farmer’s Market and a community that avidly supports it. I’ve been to a lot of markets in different parts of the country and Sandpoint’s is one of the best around.

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