Week on the Farm: 8/7/16

Due to having weekend plans and not wanting to miss a week at market, we vended at the Wednesday market this past week. I think I prefer the mid-week scene better so that might become a regular thing. It seems like there are more people intentionally going there on Wednesday afternoons with the goal of buying produce & other grocery items, versus the Saturday crowd – many of which seem to be in Sandpoint for a weekend thing and just happened to stroll by. In other words, we sold a lot more goods on Wednesday than we typically do. So, thank you, Wednesday customers!

I feel like we had a nice selection of produce this past week. Some beautiful potatoes, squash, beans, rhubarb, carrots & beets. Got a lot of compliments on the carrots. I love the Cosmic Purple variety and plan on growing a lot more of them next year. The world just doesn’t need more orange carrots!

We were bummed out to be told we could no longer sell our beef jerky at the Market without a health permit, so it won’t be available until we decide what to do. We’re going to look into what’s required for all that, but seeing as it involves government I imagine it’s a major ordeal and possibly not worth the effort. Not for such a small time operation like ours.

The Huckleberry Lady was across from my booth this week. She had a line of people before the bell even rang and within three minutes she was sold out so she packed up and left. Seeing as huckleberries are going for something like $40/gallon, I presume she made a tidy profit. Like a week’s salary earned in three minutes. Unfortunately huckleberries do not grow on our property or else I’d be all over that enterprise, and I don’t have the stamina to deal with any territorial berry pickers out in the forest. I’m not getting shot over a bucket of berries, they’re just not that awesome.

Farmboy has made great progress on the van and we are SO CLOSE to getting it on the road. New engine is in, transmission is in, rebuilt radiator is in…it was on the verge of starting a few days ago, but the battery we snagged from another vehicle pooped out so it’s on the charger until we can find time to tinker with it some more. We still need to get tires and a window for it, and who knows what else. Like all 50 year old vehicles, it’s a work in progress. But it’s just too cute and I feel giddy thinking about rolling it around town next year stocked full of goodies for market.

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