Week on the Farm: 8/14/16

It’s been a butt-busting week on The Farm. After having had to go out of town on family business last weekend, we returned to one big mess of a garden that was already a week behind in weeding & cleanup chores. I was still able to make it to market on Wednesday and we had our BEST DAY EVER with both produce inventory and sales. You are awesome, North Idaho vegetable eaters!

Our row of Hubbard squash had become an unruly jungle of vines that was encroaching onto everything else within 20 feet, so I was forced to do some pruning and sacrificed a number of young squash in the process. Squash that look nothing like Hubbards or anything else I sowed, so the mystery is on. The next day I went back to survey my pruning work and was perplexed to spot a monster of a Hubbard and another one on the way that truly was not there the day before. I know squash grows fast, but come on. Must be magic. I’ll be weighing it next Wednesday and taking it to market. I’m guessing 12 pounds, maybe?

Lots of stuff coming in bountifully. Green & purple beans, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, Swiss chard, beets, and rhubarb. Still no luck with tomatoes, I don’t have high hopes for them this year. We’ve gotten one – ONE – Roma tomato along with a handful of random cherry tomatoes. The plants look healthy and massive but just aren’t bearing much fruit, and I planted at least 10 different varieties.

We’re a bit behind in transplanting for our fall crop of things like broccoli and cauliflower, and hope to get everything in the ground in the next week. I’m still hoping for a longer than normal summer and planning to be growing into mid-October, at least.

In addition to the Wednesday Farmer’s Market, we are scheduled to be a vendor at Farmstock at the North 40 store in Ponderay next Sunday the 21st.

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