Week on the Farm: 8/21/16

Potatoes & pickles was this week’s theme. Lots of them. We harvested a load of the Red Norland potatoes and uncovered a couple mutant monsters weighing around two pounds apiece! This variety has done really well in our garden, along with the Russian Fingerlings. I’m still in love with the Purple Vikings, though they haven’t been producing as abundantly and I’ve found a few freakazoids like the one pictured here.

I harvested the monstrous Hubbard squash and guessed it weighed around 12 pounds. Indeed it did! Almost 13. (Note that my produce scale only goes to 11, like Nigel’s amp).

I resolved the squash mystery from last week because it wasn’t a mystery at all. The squash mixed in with the Hubbards is a Japanese variety called Kabocha…right where I planted them a couple months ago. Duh. Kabocha is actually the Japanese word for squash. These are an awesome variety not frequently available in stores, but once in a while they do make an appearance. And soon there will be a bunch of them at the Sandpoint Farmer’s Market. Described as a cross between sweet potatoes and pumpkin, here’s a good write-up about Kabocha squash.

We had a bucket full of cucumbers, too many to sell at our booth, so into the canner they went. I added a habanero to a couple of the jars and we ended up with 6 quarts of dill pickles.

On Sunday the 21st we vended at Farmstock at North 40 in Ponderay. It was a pretty good turnout for a new event and look forward to the next one near the end of September. At least a dozen vendors were set up, including a gourmet dijon mustard maker, local chicken eggs, hand-knit scarves, custom knives, Sandpoint Lavender Farm, and a handful of others. We were the only produce booth, which surprised us.

We’re skipping the market this coming week to let the garden catch up a bit. And to let the gardeners work on some of the other hundred or so projects around The Farm.

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