Week on the Farm: 8/28/16

We took this week off from market again, time to let the garden play catch up. Finally got some broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage transplanted…way way way too late, but with a good six weeks yet until frost warnings I planted them anyway. The timing of everything seems to be off, but we’re at the mercy of the vegetables and have to abide by their schedules. Suddenly have tons o’ tomatoes, but very few ripe ones. We’re growing several varieties and I’m hoping we have a lot for market in 2-3 weeks. Chile peppers are finally hitting maturity, but the pickings are sparse and a far cry from the neverending bounty I’m used to getting back in the Old Country. I was about to yank out some bell pepper plants since they’ve produced nothing in two months, but then I saw the tiny beginnings of peppers so I let them be.

The usual explosion of squash – namely zucchini and yellow. Lock your doors, folks. I’ll be bringing some to market this week, along with cucumbers, beans (green & purple), potatoes, some beautiful lettuces, rhubarb, bulb onions & scallions, and whatever else I can dig up. Our parsley is taking over the herb bed, so I’m going to do some major culling and have a Parsley Liquidation Blowout sale at the market. Finally got last year’s garlic harvested and it’s drying out in the greenhouse. Exactly none of it will end up on the table and I’ll be replanting all of it sometime in September.

We had a Farm Meeting and are excited about out future plans which include tripling the main garden area, expanding the berry patch, and getting a hoop house set up as soon as we can swing it. We’re also excited about the newest addition to the family: our first ride-on mower. The majority of the work we do is manual, but sometimes the helping hand of gas-powered equipment is of such benefit when there’s just never enough hours in the day.

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