Week on the Farm: 9/18/16

When there’s a longish lapse in posting to the website, it doesn’t mean we’re procrastinating or being lazy. We live off-grid, so everything modern is an “ordeal” and simply takes longer to accomplish. Including using the internet, which means either going to a neighbor’s house and hoping for a quiet space or else going into town to the library. Both of these tasks are ordeals.

The biggest news is that we had our first frost the night of September 12. Too soon! Fortunately I’ve been keeping tabs on it and knew beforehand, so we got the tomatoes & beans covered. They survived, but everything else got hit including the squash patches, herbs (except that damn parsley jungle), potatoes, and outdoor peppers. Of course the winter crops like spinach, chard, and lettuce are loving it so hopefully we’ll have enough to bring to market yet during the next few weeks. We have hundreds of unripe tomatoes, many have been picked where I hope they’ll ripen indoors and the rest we’re keeping covered at night.

I felt a bit sad at seeing the overnight devastation of the garden and wondered what in the world I’m going to do for the next six months without tending to the plants every day and harvesting for market weekly.

My idle thoughts disappeared in about 10 seconds once I looked around and remembered all the other projects that we have going on. Things like a house demolition, cabin construction, vehicle repairs & restoration, and cutting enough firewood for The Farm to last until next May. We also now have space cleared for the garden & berry patch expansion and hope to get that ground prepped for next year before snow falls. And by prepped I mean putting up 8-foot deer fence around the perimeter because there’s no point in doing anything garden-related if it isn’t protected from those bloodthirsty whitetails.

We’re hoping to at least double crop production for next year and keep growing accordingly to the extent that we can handle things. There’s rarely more than one pair of hands working on the gardens at any given time, so we don’t want to get overwhelmed and throw in the trowel.

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