Week on the Farm: 10/2/16

Our final day at market was September 28. Boo! We were really hoping to make it until the Harvest Fest on October 15, but there just isn’t enough garden left to make it worthwhile. Our final pickings included some baby spinach, gigantic Swiss chard, mesclun salad mix, a few bunches of carrots, monster white & yellow onions, and our homemade seasoned apple chips.

We really don’t want it to be over. The Sandpoint Reader recently published a great little article about this past season at the Farmer’s Market but I can’t find it on their online edition of the paper.

Although a bit on the amateur side, we decided our first year as “commercial” growers was a success and we can’t wait to come back bigger & better next year. In the works is tripling our growing area and getting our first hoophouse set up by next April. All dollars earned at the market have already gone right back into the Farm and we thank the people of Sandpoint and Bonner County for frequenting the market week after week. It’s really encouraging to already have repeat customers after only such a short time.

See y’all next year!

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