Week on the Farm: 10/9/16

There’s still a notable amount of activity going on in the garden, which surprises me considering it’s getting pretty chilly. Still going strong is spinach, lettuces, bulb & bunching onions, radishes, chard, parsley, carrots, and a few other remnants.The broccoli and cauliflower are looking great as well, but unfortunately I waited too long to get them in the ground so they aren’t going to have enough time to produce anything.

The potato plants even started growing back since getting hit with frost about three weeks ago, but I decided to yank them out and do my final harvest yesterday. We got our garlic planted in the tires and covered them with old straw, where they will do their thing until next July or so. The strawberry beds are suddenly taking off now that the swarms of stupid yellow jackets have petered off and stopped burrowing into our berries. They may have won this year, but next year we’re declaring war on the yellow jackets and they will die. Got a temporary fence slapped up and transplanted a few more raspberry cuttings to what will be our berry patch expansion (thank you, Wesley!). We’ll be working on permanent fencing over the winter as weather permits.

I’ve been keeping the tomato plants covered with plastic sheeting overnight for the past few weeks, and this week I’ll be harvesting, oh, a few hundred large, green tomatoes. I’ve been holding out, but they just aren’t going to ripen on the vine so I’m going to attempt to get them ripened indoors packed in cardboard boxes. It’s supposed to hit 30 degrees a few nights this week, so I’m calling them done. We still have cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and chiles growing & ripening in the greenhouse so I’ll let them run their course until the bitter end.

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