Week on the Farm: 10/16/16

It’s been raining almost nonstop for the past week, so not much photo taking has occurred. Finally broke down and harvested all the tomatoes from the jungle that was once eight separate plants. Most of the fruit was beautifully large and flawless, except for the whole green & unripe problem. I packed what I could into boot boxes, using paper egg trays to hold the Romas and molded fruit protector tray thingies for the larger ones. There were enough ripe tomatoes & greenhouse chiles to justify canning a batch of salsa within the next few days.


Dug through all the potato beds and scored yet another bucket full of terrific tubers. After a full summer selling most of our produce at market, it’s a nice change to haul out a harvest and call it MINE MINE MINE! I got a lot of compliments from customers on our potatoes and now I can agree with them! The Russian Fingerlings are very nice, and at the top of next year’s grow list.

Got more firewood cut, about 1 1/2 cord but we’re not done yet. Yes, I know…this was supposed to be done months ago so the wood could dry and cure all summer. Such is The Way of the Farm – things rarely go as planned around here. There are so many downed trees on these 80 acres we haven’t had to cut down a one for firewood, just pick & choose from whatever nature sends our way.

After cutting up a bunch of wood, we burned a ton of it. A scrap pile had formed at the top of our meadow, right where the garden expansion is planned for next year so it was time for another Redneck Burn Party complete with beer (for me) and cigars (for the guys). I do love a big bonfire and it was especially nice to stand in the evening drizzle watching the blaze.

Winter is around the corner and I can hardly wait for the first snowfall.

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