Week on the Farm: 10/23/16

Winter’s still not really here and had we been more organized we could still be growing quite a bit more on the tail end of the season. I “abandoned” the garden earlier this month so things can just take their own course, and we’ve still got some beautiful spinach and chard, radishes, beets, green onions, and parsley. Lots & lots of parsley. And amazingly there are baby cucumbers growing in the greenhouse! The rains have continued and I started dismantling the drip irrigation system before the hard freezes begin. I don’t think it’s hit freezing again since those few nights in mid-September when we lost half the lot.

Canned some salsa with the final tomato harvest, which included garden onions & a medley of chile peppers. I could have used our own garlic, but it’s all been replanted for next year. I used this recipe for Salsa Roja because I don’t like adding vinegar – this calls for lime juice and I also threw in some leftover diced pineapple chunks. Not quite sure what the final jar count was supposed to be, but I got 6 or 7 pints. Thanks to Diane at Greentree Naturals for giving me one of her awesome tomatoes during a recent visit to her farm – that monster rounded out the 10 pounds of tomatoes I needed for the recipe.

I also shelled the Anasazi beans that I had drying out on a screen for the past couple weeks. The beans are beautiful but made me remember why I haven’t grown dried beans for many years now – waaaay too much work for what amounted to maybe a buck’s worth of legumes.

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