Week on the Farm: 10/30/16

Still raining.

Record-breaking rains this fall, apparently the wettest season since 1947. I’m not complaining one bit, because I think the constant cloud cover has insulated us from freezing. It may be wet, but overall it’s not very cold.

Checked in on the tomatoes I boxed up a couple weeks ago and BAM! Dozens and dozens of red, ripe beauties (along with dozens of yucky, moldy uglies). I decided to try canning tomato soup for the first time and went with this recipe due to not needing a pressure canner for it. (I have one, but I’m afraid of it and would rather do a water bath if possible). I used lemon juice instead of the citric acid and added waaaay more garlic than the recipe called for. I ended up with 20 usable pounds of tomatoes for the soup, and am thrilled we ended up with as much as we did seeing as almost none of them actually ripened on the vine this summer. This resulted in 7 quarts of soup concentrate.

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