Week on the Farm: 12/11/16

Winter greetings from The Farm!

Over a month since our last posting – that’s what happens when your computer misbehaves and goes out for service. Time to get updated on recent happenings, though we’re now into the slowness & serenity of wintertime on The Farm.

We were still growin’ stuff into the beginning of December, and the salad I made for a Thanksgiving dinner came entirely from the garden! I was pretty excited about that. Not until last week did we get some really hard freezes, down into the teens, and finally – FINALLY – got some real snow.

I had forgotten how indescribably beautiful North Idaho is in the winter. I’m only uploading a handful of recent snapshots and will get more shots as I wander around The Farm and beyond.

The past few weeks have been a little stressful and less than ideal, as we’ve experienced the following: a failing computer, broken cars, an unplanned vehicle purchase, well pump & pressure tank replacement, backed up septic tank, saying goodbye to the calves, the horror of holiday parties, and the passing of a beloved farm dog. RIP sweet Emiline.

With the garden now completely under snow, I have the spare time to work on next season’s big expansion plans: mapping out the new garden, creating crop rotation spreadsheets, ordering hoop house & row cover materials, developing a grow list (and sticking to it), new irrigation & fencing, and a few dozen other things that make growing food for market – successfully – a lot more complex than the average person thinks.

We’re teaming up with some other regional growers and makers to possibly get a farmer’s market started in the Athol/Careywood area, so stay tuned for updates on that. More markets, more farmers…yay! We also heard that the City of Sandpoint is getting a community commercial kitchen set up next spring, so that may be our ticket to getting back into beef jerky production. It was pretty popular at last summer’s market.

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