Cooler Room Construction: Part 2

Read Part 1 here.

We finally got back to the Cooler Room project. All the framing and electrical wiring was finished two weeks ago, and after coming to the conclusion that using fiberglass insulation was a bad idea I had to rework my budget to accommodate reflective rigid foam board (styrofoam) instead. My original plan was to buy the rolls of pink fiberglass insulation, double stuff it between the wall studs, cover it with a vapor barrier, and hang panels of wall board we already had on The Farm. I read a handful of instructables online and found many stern warnings against using fiberglass insulation for this application, and tales of ending up with a mushy mildewy mess after one season. There’s some great information here for anyone building their own walk-in cooler.

I scouted the area to do some price comparisons of the rigid foam and unfortunately the dreaded Home Depot won this bid by a long shot. All told, I needed eighteen 4 x 8 ft panels of two inch thick foam to insulate our 8 x 8 ft cooler room, double stacked on the walls, ceiling, and door. At $21 a pop, buying these babies was pretty painful for our shoestring budget but just had to be done. I plan on listing the entire project cost in the last post in this series.

We got three of the walls done this weekend, gluing the panels to the studs using construction adhesive, then gluing the second panel onto the first. One of our resident Ranch Hands helped me with all the cutting and placement because as a rule I try to avoid cutting anything of importance. Almost always, it will be wrong. Thank you, Cowboy!

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