Week on the Farm: 3/5/17

Seeding time has arrived!

I spent the better part of January working out this year’s market garden plan. It wasn’t easy! Trying to juggle the selecting of what you want to grow, where, when, and how much became mind-boggling and many glasses of wine were called upon for help. Planning is crucial for success, so it had to be done. I built a series of spreadsheets for my crop plans, seed ordering, seeding schedule, succession plantings, and rotations. I found lots and lots of crop planning examples and templates online, and while they were helpful none of them really suited my plans so I started from scratch.

crop plan

seeding schedule

Today I filled two trays with onion seeds because they take a loooong time to reach maturity, like over 100 days and that’s pretty much our entire growing season in these parts. Once they get 4-5″ tall I’ll start snipping the tops off – it strengthens the roots and they just keep growing. I also got the tomatoes and peppers seeded in 72-cell flats. Once they outgrow those cells I’ll move them into individual 4″ pots until it’s time to transplant.

I’ve covered my heated seeding station with plastic sheeting to help keep in heat & moisture and keep out inquisitive little hands and paws.

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