Cooler Room Construction: Part 3

Read Part 2 here and Part 1 here.

The Cooler Room is just about done! Saturday was a mild, sunny day so we grabbed the opportunity to finish up this project. Picked up the remaining batch of insulation panels and yet more glue (we’ve gone through so much adhesive attaching these panels, more on that later).

After crafting a heavy-duty base for the cooler to sit on, Cowboy cut a hole for its face on the side of the Pole Building and got the whole thing installed with NO CURSING! It went much more smoothly than anticipated. Then we were able to cut out the foam boards to fit around it and finished all the wall insulation. The seams between panels & pieces are covered with metallic tape to give it a nice, clean look and helps to seal any gaps. Got the first two of four ceiling panels up. They need to sit and cure for a day before we attach the final two panels.

The end is near!

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