Week on the Farm: 4/2/17

Our new garden expansion project has begun!

With utmost gratitude to resident Ranch Hands Cowboy and W, we’re working on fencing off an area of about 112 x 185 feet (or just under half an acre). All the posts have been harvested and installed and the bottom tier of fencing is already up. Now comes the fun part of hanging and fastening the upper tier in order to reach a nine-foot height to keep out the deer. We’re using 4-foot field fencing that comes in a 330-foot roll, and cut it into 16-foot panels to make the work a bit easier.

Our gardens are on a south facing slope, so all the snow is now gone and green things are popping up all over the place. We have garlic and rhubarb poking through the straw mulch, and a bunch of green onions I left in the ground last fall to see if they would overwinter (they did). Also poking up is a massive network of subterranean critter trails, possibly indicating a coming summer of war now that they’ve discovered the garden.

Greenhouse plastic has arrived and the dream is to get our first hoop house prepped and built by May 1.

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