Week on the Farm: 4/9/17

Our new garden plot fencing is DONE! While everything garden-related is a priority right now, there’s no reason to do any of it if your growing space isn’t protected. Deer are rampant around here, and they can and will destroy vegetation overnight. I also learned something new: I don’t like putting up fence and don’t ever want to do it again. 🙂 A huge thanks to my helpers – they know who they are and good things will be coming their way for being so generous with time & effort.

Our House/Community Garden is being prepped for planting in the very near future. I pulled off all the winter mulch to reshape the rows into wider beds and discovered some sneaky little carrots from last year that managed to overwinter. This week I’ll be hardening off some of my heartier seedlings in our unheated greenhouse and transplanting them under frost cloth row cover. Beet & carrot seeds are going in the ground next week.

Ranch Hand W scored an excavator for the weekend and made many changes to the central landscape of The Farm. Tons of old brush and scraps have been burning for days now and I’m calling it a major improvement.

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