Week on the Farm: 4/16/17

We got our first hoop house up!

It’s a very simple structure that was easily constructed over a weekend. Details of this project are here: Our First Hoop House. This tunnel is going to be used through the season to grow tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers (or what I call “hot crops”). These plants need a thermal boost to thrive in our northern climate and I’m excited to see how this novice attempt works out.

Our House Garden has been revamped and the irrigation system is being installed. A few of the beds are being set up with row covers (like mini-hoop houses) to help warm things up and protect against frost. Still more than a month to go before our average last frost. Lettuce and spinach has been transplanted, and our first batch of carrots and radishes have been sowed. We moved several of our transplant flats out into the unheated greenhouse to make room for yet more flats of transplants starting indoors.


There was a calf in our living room Saturday morning. It was born Friday afternoon and by the following morning it still wasn’t responding as it should, so was brought inside near the wood stove to be dried off with a towel and try to induce suckling from a bottle. With sorrow, I found out later that day that the calf didn’t survive and may have been premature. Its Momma has been sitting out in the pasture where the birth occurred ever since, presumably wondering where her baby is. I’m not sure how long that will go on. 😦

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