Week on the Farm: 04/23/17

It won’t stop raining.

And our little plant babies are coming along slowly because of it. We have three rows planted in our House Garden and nothing’s really taken off due to the consistent lack of direct sunlight. It even hailed again yesterday! Good thing everything outside is protected. I put together more row cover hoops using five-foot lengths of heavy gauge wire stuck into scrap pieces of PVC pipe pounded into the ground.

The farmers markets are starting in two weeks, but I highly doubt we’ll be making appearances until the middle or end of May. I can’t wait to see what other growers will be selling and when.

I finished working all the rows in our hoop house and then just sat there gazing upon the beauty of the rich, dark earth. I think it’s a farmer thing (staring at dirt). I set up a line of fencing down the center row to support the tomatoes and cucumbers, but I won’t be putting them in the ground for another few weeks yet. Even though it feels like a 120 degree sauna in the tunnel during the day, it’s just too cold at night for some plants. Knowing me I’ll probably jump the gun and get some planted early anyway just to see if they make it.


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