Week on the Farm: 5/28/17

As May Madness draws to a close, I’ve started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

We attended our first market of the season at the ABC Farmers Market in Athol. It’s still so early in the season and we didn’t have much to bring, but nevertheless nearly sold out of everything. Thank you, Athol! We’ll be at the Sandpoint Farmers Market this Wednesday afternoon with bunch of beautiful radishes, mixed greens, spinach, Mom’s rhubarb, green onions, and some leftover tomato & basil starter plants. Hoping to see some familiar faces from last year!

This week has been nothing but seeding & weeding, seeding & weeding. And more weeding. Our House Garden was overrun, so I was forced to set aside a day to regain control of the weeds and with the help of my lovely assistant we made great progress. Then I laid down huge sheets of black plastic on the upper portion of the garden to smother what remains of the jungle of weeds and will clean that up next week.

Got basil & other herbs transplanted in the hoop house along with tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. The majority of our transplants are now in the ground and we’ll be direct seeding some more things like squash and beans. Everything that was planted during the past month is doing great now that we actually have warmth & sunshine on a regular basis. Beets, chard, broccoli, potatoes, and lettuce are all coming along nicely and will be going to market starting around the end of June.

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