Week on the Farm: 6/18/17

“Weed it and weep” was this week’s theme on The Farm. Our gardens continue to be overrun with vegetation, very little of which is what has actually been planted. It’s being tackled row by row, with landscape fabric or straw mulch – both of which are helping a lot so there’s hope yet.

All of our new plantings are now going under row cover due to the leaf miner infestation catastrophe. This includes beets, chard, and spinach. Radishes are also getting covered due to another crop loss caused by the root maggot. In my eight or so years of gardening I’ve never dealt with so many problems all at once. I talk to the other growers in the area and we’re all fighting similar battles. All I can say is next year can’t possibly be any worse!

On the brighter side, we got a new horse last weekend! His name is Leroy and he’s quite handsome. He got a new saddle today and he’s looking swell. Leroy needs a friend so we’re on the lookout for another horse.


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