Week on the Farm: 7/2/17

It’s been a perfectly beautiful week on The Farm and it finally feels like summer is here. All of our crops are finally picking up and flourishing without the plethora of problems we’ve struggled with over the last month. Row cover is the way to go and I’m now referring to it as “the cloth that saved the farm”.

Coming soon to market we’ll have several varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, broccoli, fingerling potatoes, and strawberries. While our market stand has been much less stocked than originally planned, we almost consistently sell out every week and truly appreciate the positive comments on the appearance & quality of our produce. Thank you, vegetable eaters! 🙂

We got a third horse yesterday! She’s a three year old mare called No Name for now. Seeing this new trio gallop around the meadow really changes the face of The Farm and they’re going to be so happy here. Farm Boss has been busy out in the neighboring fields cutting & baling hay and it won’t be long until the hay barn is loaded up to the rafters again.

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