Week on the Farm: 7/16/17

Broccoli! Zucchini! Cucumbers! Kale! Lettuce! Strawberries! Basil! Potatoes! Onions! Tomatoes! Can you tell we’re excited about our produce?

The gardens are doing great and the summer crops are finally ready to start harvesting. I’m declaring July my new favorite month for farming because everything is just growing & doing its thing, leaving me time to catch up on other farm chores as well as take some time off to do fun things like going swimming, attending the Wine Fest at beautiful Schweitzer Mountain, and falling off runaway horses. Ouch.

On a somber note, we lost someone special at The Farm this past week. Mr. Lois Tahini was a good buddy and companion for the past eight years. He is sorely missed and always will be.



One thought on “Week on the Farm: 7/16/17

  1. Produce look amazing. Strawberries are so good. Sorry about you falling off a horse. Keep up the great job you have been doing! You’re awesome!


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