Week on the Farm: 8/13/17

A couple weeks ago I asked Farm Boss if there’s such a thing as midseason burnout and he said it sounded like I had fallen victim to the Dog Days of Summer. It’s been HOT HOT HOT and without a drop of rain, making it a real challenge to spend any significant amount of time in the gardens before 5pm.

Despite the heat, we’ve had some awesome harvests and are ready for the changeover from summer to fall crops. Garlic harvest is done, much of which will go right back into the ground this October for next year’s crop. We’re also excited & thrilled to have our first Farm intern helping out through the end of the season. We’re trying not to to scare him away with all the projects we have going on. 🙂

bolted lettuce

This is what Romaine lettuce looks like when it gets too hot, causing the plant to bolt. Too bitter for humans to eat, but the horses loved it!

In non-garden news, we’ve been continuing demolition on the Old House and it’s only weeks away from being gone forever – at least as a house. We’re reusing a lot of the boards for the new horse shelter going up in the pasture, which will give a whole new look to the face of The Farm.

old house

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