Week on the Farm: 9/3/17

When the Farm Blog isn’t updated for a while it means we’re either super busy or sick. Or both. I managed to come down with a moderate case of pneumonia, rendering me out of commission for a good (bad) week and a half, and the gardens were neglected as a result. Plus, North Idaho is currently smothered with smoky skies drifting over from the Montana wildfires which ain’t helping much! So, we’re now running several weeks behind and will likely be skipping a few markets in the next few weeks until production catches up again. Fall plantings are in full swing and we hope to be growing cool season crops well into October this year. We expect to have a nice variety of lettuces, spinach, chard, beets, carrots, radishes, fingerling potatoes, and onions until the end of the growing season.

Despite the setbacks, lots has been happening on the The Farm! We have an intern until the end of the season and he’s been helping us with a variety of projects while adapting to farm life and the associated slave labor. We decided to relocate and expand our vegetable washing station and just started the ground breaking on that. Two of our off-grid cabins are getting additions built onto them, so prep work has started on those. The horse shelter is going up at the top of the meadow, slowly but surely, and should be complete within the next few weeks. Our herd of cattle had been free-ranging on a neighboring field down the road, but due to a property sale we suddenly had to bring the cows home one evening, two at a time in the stock trailer. It was a rambunctious time and took a group of us to get them all corraled and moved safely, but they’re home now.

The Old House is finally gone. 😦 The entire demolition took a year, as it began as a piece-by-piece salvage operation to try to reclaim as much wood as possible. But by last week, things were hastened up a bit and the remaining structure was knocked down with an excavator and hauled over to a massive burn pile. It’s a bit sombering to see a big empty space where a house stood for over 70 years.


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