Week on the Farm: 9/10/17

Even the cows look fed up at the smoke blanketing the North Idaho area, drifting from the raging Montana wildfires just east of here. We finally got some gusty winds and today saw blue skies for the first time in days! Evening stars, too.

Despite the hazy skies and dry dusty earth, we got a lot done on The Farm. Finally made it back to market after a two week absence and plan on vending this week, then on into early October if we’re lucky. Our new produce washing station in nearly up & running and will be put to the test very soon. This station is a HUGE improvement to our overall harvest workflow and it wouldn’t have happened without the help of Big D and The Intern. Sounds like a new farm band name. 🙂

The Berry Patch improvement project has begun, thanks to acquiring some surplus raspberry & blueberry plants from a neighbor. We’ve been busy transplanting and amending the soil with compost & natural fertilizer, then will heavily mulch the entire area with straw in preparation for winter. We’re also cleaning up the mostly-ignored compost area and will be cleaning out the chicken coops to get a manure pile started for next year’s compost.

Earlier this season we lost our entire potato crop to underground demons (voles) and now the hoophouse finally got hit – again, taking out potato plants – so the war, tackily referred to as Mauschwitz 2017, has officially begun. I purchased a kit to connect a garden hose to a vehicle exhaust pipe, with the other end of the hose being inserted into the rodent tunnels & burrows, causing the critters to gently drift off to sleep. Forever. Sorry, guys. 😦

We have a modest crop of hops growing on the southern fence of the garden. I have no idea what variety they are and have no use for them, so if anyone wants some hops for homebrewing drop us a line!

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