Week on the Farm: 10/8/17

Not much activity happening in the gardens now, but we’re delighted to still have several rows of veggies growing despite many nights of below-freezing temps. No pretty garden pictures this time because everything is hidden under row cover. Garlic has all been planted for next year, in both the tire beds and in a distant bed at the far edge of the House Garden.


We’ll be attending the farmers markets Harvest Fests this week – Friday in Athol and Saturday in Sandpoint – with fresh winter radishes, carrots, potatoes, salad greens, spinach, scallions, and storage onions.

As the garden is put to bed, we’ve been endlessly busy with other farms projects and obsessing over getting firewood cut & stacked before the rains come. The concrete foundation and blocks have been set for the Flat Rock cabin addition, thanks to the slave labor of The Intern and a few Ranch Hands.

Stay tuned for an upcoming summary of our second year of growing produce for market. Overall, it’s been a great year, but next year will be greater. 🙂

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