Our New Nursery Is Done!

With seedling time fast approaching, we decided to build an enclosed & insulated room for indoor growing. We had an unused area on a south-facing porch and recently scored a load of free windows, so it was bound to happen.

The new nursery is about 8 x 10′ with enough shelving to hold up to 40 flats of baby plants! This is a huuuge expansion from our previous indoor setup, which was rather clumsy and very limited on space. Fluorescent grow lights have been hung and seedling warming mats are ready for our first batch of trays. I lined cardboard with tin foil and made sidewalls to help with light containment & reflection. I’ll be starting with all of our onion & shallot flats this weekend, then the bulk of everything else will be sowed starting in mid-March.

Many of the materials used for the construction were reclaimed: a wall of windows and door acquired from a nearby remodeling project, second-rate lumber from the mill for framing the wall, and lots of random odds & ends found around The Farm. The plastic soda pop shelves, kindly donated by Mr. T, are the perfect size for our 10 x 20″ trays and will be moved outside onto the porch when it gets warm enough to harden off the plants outdoors.

Pipe from dryer vent with holes drilled in it

The vent from the clothes dryer sits right underneath the nursery, so we routed piping under and up into the room to take advantage of all that hot, humid air being expelled every time the dryer runs. A bypass was rigged to route the vent outside during the summer when it’s too hot. The room is insulated and a space heater will be kept running during the coldest nights.

A big thank you to the Johnson Family for making this happen! 🙂

The space that’s now a nursery!

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