The Johnson Family Farm gardens consist of a series of plots spread around an area of about half an acre. Starting in 2016, we re-established the House Garden, fenced off a new berry patch, and built our first greenhouse. In the works for 2017 is establishing the new Market Garden plot, building our first hoop house, starting a fruit tree orchard, and putting our new walk-in Cooler Room to use.

Weed It And Reap

We grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and berries. As with all new gardens, we’re still experimenting with what grows well and what the local market wants. While we are not certified organic, we follow organic practices and do not use any sprays, chemical fertilizers,  or pesticides on our soils or crops. We purchase all of our seeds from reputable organic vendors and save our own when we can. Our produce is harvested the day before market, thoroughly washed by hand, and kept cool. Only our best quality products leave The Farm for market, so you can be assured of getting the freshest produce we have to offer.

2017 Grow List

We plan to offer the following produce at market for the 2017 season, running from mid-May to mid-October.  Click on linked items to see a product image.


Beet: Touchstone Gold, Chioggia, Bull’s Blood

Broccoli: Green Magic, Belstar, Arcadia

Carrot: Napoli, Yaya, Cosmic Purple, Yellowstone, Red Samurai

Cauliflower: Snow Crown, Bishop

Chard: Rainbow Blend, Silverado, Ruby Rhubarb Red

Cucumber: Diva, Telegraph

Kale: Dwarf Green Curled, Lacinato

Lettuce: Green Star, Green Towers, Rouge D’Hiver

Onion: Guardsman, Purplette, Red Long Tropea, Conservor (shallot), Blush, Ailsa Craig

Pepper: Shishito, Orange Sun, Lunchbox Trio

Potato: Russian Banana Fingerling, Amarosa Fingerling, German Butterball, Red Chieftan

Radish: Cherry Belle, French Breakfast, Valentine’s Day, Pink Beauty, Ostergruss

Rhubarb (variety unknown)

Spinach: Verdil, Escalade, Bloomsdale Longstanding

Tomato: Sweetie, Striped Roman, Golden Treasure


Basil: Aroma, Siam Queen

Cilantro: Longstanding

Dill: Greensleeves, Bouquet


Strawberry: Quinault